Kidero Introduces Yellow Line Boxes Aimed at Easing Traffic In CBD – Details + PHOTOS

March 1, 2016

In a bid to ease the ever increasing traffic snarl-up in Central Business District, the Nairobi City County government has re-introduced Yellow boxes at Junctions. The yellow box junctions will be placed at intersections that are notoriously congested such as the intersection along Kenyatta Avenue, Mama Ngina Street, Wabera Street, City hall way and most areas where there are X junctions (Crossed junctions).
Of importance is to note that when traffic lights turn green, motorists are encouraged not to enter the yellow boxes unless the exit is clear. Drivers who enter the yellow box intersections illegally will be arrested and prosecuted by the Nairobi City County government Traffic Marshals with the charge of obstruction as per the traffic act. Therefore, motorists are required to fully co-operate and follow the laws in order to ensure the city and its environs are de-congested for a free flow of traffic.
Here’s how the boxes look like.

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