Jacob Juma Starts Dishing Out Cabinet Secretary Positions Awaiting Raila’s Victory Next Year

March 11, 2016

jacob jumaControversial businessman and Twitter ‘bigwig’ Jacob Juma has started ‘dishing out’ Cabinet Secretary and Principal Secretary positions more than one year before Raila’s ‘expected’ victory.
Juma started his Twitter career mostly as an independent, and a sworn Ruto enemy, but over time linked up with other Jubilee ‘enemies’.
A quick scroll through his tweets reveals a man who is certain of a Raila win come next year.
His place in a would-be Cord government remains unclear, but due to his deep pockets, we can assume he will put in a lot of his own money.
So much of it that he will have a say on who Raila nominates for various Cabinet Secretary slots.
Yesterday, he promised banker and columnist Mohamed Wehliye the Treasury Principal Secretary slot once Cord takes the government next year.
Wehliye, as Juma pointed out, will serve under David Ndii – who will get the Treasury Cabinet Secretary job.
David Ndii is an economist and Daily Nation columnist who has written several columns critical of the government, especially on the Eurobond saga.

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