Incitement? Here’s a Translation of That VIDEO of Uhuru Speaking in Kikuyu

March 30, 2016

uhuruA video has been doing rounds on Facebook. It shows Uhuru addressing people in a Kikuyu speaking area in Swahili, before abruptly switching to his mother tongue.
Many people have shared it on their timelines and various groups, claiming that he was inciting.
Abdullahi Musa | Facebook

Well, here’s a rough translation of what he said.
(In Swahili) Uza sera, wananchi wakitaka watakuchagua. Kama hawataki ngojea. (Swahili ends)
(Kikuyu starts) They should wait because even in the previous election, they made us fight so that they can get into government. When they finally joined Kibaki in government, all they did was disturb that old man. Even plans that he had for the country failed.
When he (Raila) got to government, all he did was ask for toilets. As if he was looking for leadership so he can get those things. Isn’t leadership supposed to be for helping the public?
Now that he is out, he’s still making noise… that Jubilee is doing nothing. 
I ask him, you make noise while inside government, you make noise while outside, what exactly do you want? He has to tell us what he wants.
Or maybe he was born that way. To make noise at every opportunity. Even when good is done, he doesn’t see it.
When you give him chapati he says wants Ugali. Give him ugali he wants chapati. 
What we can do to such a person is simply pray to God and let God do his job. (Kikuyu ends)
Well, in some cases, the line between incitement and politics is blurry, but in this case I think there’s nothing inciteful.
All he did was say what any opponent would say of Raila, only in a different language.

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