“His Name is Shawn and We Are at an Advanced Stage in Our Relationship” – Pierra Makena on Baby Daddy

March 14, 2016

I’m sure by now you have heard that top female dj Pierra Makena has a bun in the oven. The former Tahidi High actress took everyone by surprise when she broke the news last week and the question on everybody’s mind is who the baby daddy is?
After an impressive four year ‘out-of-the-public eye’ relationship with the mystery guy, the singer has for the first time opened up about the guy.
In an interview with Pulse magazine, Pierra opened up about the pregnancy by saying, “I thought I would break this story before people start making speculations. I am four and half months pregnant and excited about it. It is something I planned so don’t look at it as if it is an accident. It is my boyfriend’s baby.
She went on to reveal little details about the father saying, “I really don’t want to discuss the details about our private affair as besides talking about the pregnancy, I want to keep everything else private. All I can say is that his name is Shawn and that he runs a business and lives outside the country.”
“Only family members and close friends have met him in those four years we have dated. We are in a relationship that is at an advanced stage and I will be introducing him to you people when the right time comes,” she said adding: “That is all I wanted to share for now.”
Here are some shots of her baby bump by master photographer Kevin Buo of BuoArt Photography.
Story Credits: Pulse

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