Going Viral: Female Rapper Drops Controversial Hit About How Good ‘Nigerian Pu$$y’ is (VIDEO)

March 2, 2016

naijaWell, I cannot say we are surprised..we all know that Nigerians are capable of anything.
A US based Nigerian rapper going by the stage name Princess Vitarah has sensationally declared that Nigerian ‘nunu’ is simply the best in the whole wide world with a catchy hit. Dubbed ‘Nigerian Pu$$y’, the hit is as crude as it gets and the rapper does not hold back on her rhymes about how Nigerian ‘nunu’ is the tightest and Ghanaian is not.
The sadist in me wishes she had dissed Kenyan ‘kitty’ and as a result triggered an interesting twitter war, but I guess wishes are not horses. The war is now between the Nigerians and Ghanaians.
Meanwhile, check out the video shot in L.A below before the Kenya Film Classification Board bans it. RIP Music!!


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