Driver and Tout Square It Out Over Fare Pricing Differences – VIDEO

March 3, 2016

A driver and a tout were yesterday involved in a fiery fist fight following a disagreement over how much fare passengers were to pay the matatu they had boarded. As the story goes, the driver of the matatu had told the tout to qoute 50/- but to his surprise the tout started telling people that they were to pay 40/-.
The driver on hearing this called his tout and told him to stop misquoting his price but his request fell on deaf ears. Angered by his tout’s lack of respect, the driver pounced on him with rage, sparking a brawl that took the intervention of onlookers to curb. It is not clear why the two could not agree on fare prices yet they work with the same vehicle.
Below is the clip of the two squaring out their differences the fist-way.

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