CRAZY! ‘Why Sleep Alone When 2 Are Better Than 1’ – Street Preacher Shocks Nairobians With Crazy Sermon – VIDEO

March 1, 2016

Thanks to the freedom of speech and expression, street preachers in Nairobi have been on the increase, with most of them spreading the word of God to the idlers in town and a few others just parroting personal issues off their chest. If you have ever been to Jivanjee Gardens, I bet that you have come across a high-voiced preacher giving a public sermon to anyone willing to lend him their attention.
Like I said, most of them usually have nothing much to preach about but are full of weird things to prattle about. Like in the case of this ‘crazy preacher’ who did not seem to understand why some men relaxing on Jivenjee gardens slept alone when the bible clearly quotes that two are better than one.
Aye! It is indeed a crazy world we live in. Check this preacher shock the hell out Nairobians with his message.

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