CCTV Footage Captures Thief Stealing Cash From a Business Premises (VIDEO)

March 4, 2016

thiefIf you are a serious businessman/woman and you still have not installed CCTVs in your premises, you might want to have them installed as soon as possible.
Another footage of a crime in progress is making rounds on social media, showing a thief making the ‘best’ out of an enterprising opportunity. The thief is seen stepping into a shop only to find it unattended.
He then looks around to ensure no one is watching, unaware that a camera is watching and then stretches across the front desk where he finds his loot. Hurriedly, he sticks the cash inside his pants and walks away.
The thief is believed to be armed and dangerous according to the social media user who shared the video on Facebook.
He wrote, “Kindly help us identify and locate this you can see in the video attached he was caught on cctv camera stealing cash at naivasha . those who know him or his whereabouts can inbox me or talk to me on 0733140382 or contact naivasha police station or the nearest police station.He is a dangerous armed criminal and its important we take justice to him”
Check it out below
Eng S G Mwangi | Facebook


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