Popular Harambee Stars Striker Claims to Be Bewitched By Team-mate

February 1, 2016

Harambee Stars forward known by football fans for his scoring prowess has just shocked everyone by claiming that one of his close colleague who is jealous of his spontaneous success has bewitched him. Mungai Kiongera made the allegations following his dwindling performance on the pitch. The striker claims that of late it has become so hard for him to score a goal even when an opportunity presents itself.
Mungai further added that sometime last year, he caught the suspect doing something suspicious in the dressing room. Since then he has been getting abnormal injuries and his skills in the pitch have not been up to par, something he feels might kill his flourishing career.
While speaking to a local daily, Mungai who also plays for Simba said, “I normally get some clear cut chances when playing but then I cannot just convert them. I do strange things instead. Not scoring goals here has affected my confidence a great deal. It has gotten to the point where I cannot even do anything in training. I cannot understand this anymore. If my luck is with Simba then fine, if it is somewhere else than I do not know”.
His team has however disagreed with Kiongera since he did not report the matter to the right authorities. Here’s Kiongera.
Mungai Kiongera 8
Mungai Kiongera 7
Mungai Kiongera 6
Mungai Kiongera 5
Mungai Kiongera 4
Mungai Kiongera 1

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