Meet Ryan Mwenda – The 8 Year Old Rib-cracker on Churchill Show – PHOTOS

February 1, 2016

If you are a religious follower of Churchill Show, I bet you have at one time seen a very young boy come on stage and crack your ribs. That young boy is Ryan Mwenda, an eight year old schooling kid (Riara Springs Academy) whose talent in comedy is budding super fast. At his tender age, Ryan has caught the interest of Daniel Ndambuki who has been nurturing him into the entertainment industry.
In fact, according to his Facebook page, he is a young emcee/comedian who wows crowd through his performances as well as featuring in national/state/co-operate functions, weddings and birthday parties. Well, for those of you who don’t know the young rib-cracker, below are some of his photos.
Ryan Mwenda 9
Ryan Mwenda 6
Ryan Mwenda 5
Ryan Mwenda 2
Ryan Mwenda 1
Ryan Mwenda 7
Ryan Mwenda 10
Ryan Mwenda 4
Ryan Mwenda 8
Ryan Mwenda

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