PHOTO – Maina Kageni Flaunts Yummy Looking Dish But Everyone Wants Him to Get New Kitchen Curtains or Get Married

February 10, 2016

mainaApparently, Maina Kageni is capable of making a sumptuous looking meal. At the same time, no one believes that he can actually get his hands dirty in the kitchen.
On Tuesday, the popular radio presenter took to Instagram to show off a freshly made dish of seafood tagliatelle. He went ahead to claim that he made it but he was not fooling anyone. Infact, guys were on his case over his ‘kikoi’ curtains as they urged him to get married.
He posted, “I just prepared creamy seafood tagliatelle …… And the customary dabo dabo”
Here are some comments that followed
@peshmumbi wrote, “Luks yummy…. Gv me the recipe, if you made this …. I doubt”
@kriff_said, “Really, I doubt”
@milliebusena wrote, “Kwa nini huna curtain ya dirisha”
@mercywanyoike: “Oa wewe maina ebu cheki hizo curtains”
@timothykaime: “Gathee,tena jikoni”
@kimsq25: “Yaani madame wameona hiyo curtain ;brathee oa”
@phyly_nderitu: “Omg..ametumia kikoi…hahaa that was the first thing nimeona. if only u house had a lady…lol”
@lucherylmungai: “lol ,prepared & you dont even look like some1 who was cooking nkt….”
@jepchumbawinnie: “Bibi ako wapi?”
Of course Maina did not prepare the meal. He was recording an episode of Celebrity Kitchen Raid with renown chef Ali Mandhry.

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