Man From Umoja Dies of ‘Sexual Excitement’ on Valentine’s Eve

February 22, 2016

alcohol_2687536bA man from Umoja estate in Nairobi who died while having sexual relations with his illicit lover on Valentine’s Day eve could have succumbed to complications arising from ‘excitement.’
Nathaniel Lausi, who hails from Mombasa, died a floor away from his matrimonial home after a session of stolen ‘passionate encounter’ in a ‘borrowed’ caretaker’s cubicle, The Nairobian reports.
The 35-year-old communications officer is reported to have consumed a combination of alcohol and bhang before engaging in the lustful act with 22 year old Rose Wangari at Sam Plaza in Umoja.
He allegedly let out loud cries that attracted neighbors who found him on top of Rose.
According to Rose, collapsed during the second round of their less than 30-minute sex session and was declared dead on arrival at the nearby Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital.
At the time, Lausi’s wife was at a party thrown by a friend elsewhere in the city.
A senior detective at Buruburu Police Station told The Nairobian that the deceased could have died of either ‘sex excitement’ related causes or a heart attack.
“Lausi spent the better part of the day with the woman in the caretaker’s house. He developed severe headache and chest pains after consuming alcohol and drugs, and later indulging in sex. The postmortem was conducted on February 15. It is not clear how he died, though we are still investigating the matter.” Buruburu CID boss Jeremiah Ikiao said.
Additional Reporting by The Nairobian

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