“I Chopped It Off Because My Wife Kept Denying Me Sex no Matter how Much I Pleaded” – Thika Man

February 22, 2016

thikaA Thika sugarcane vendor who shocked the country by cutting his wife’s breasts on Valentine’s Day before slashing off his genitals is now facing regret straight to its face.
24 year old Duncan Moseti now wishes his manhood could be stitched back. The father of one spoke for the first time at the Thika Level 5 Hospital where he’s recovering claiming he turned the knife on his wife of two years after she denied him sex.
“I became angry because my wife kept denying me sex no matter how much I pleaded with her. I could not take it anymore,” Moseti told The Nairobian.
While asking for forgiveness from his 20-year-old wife, Margaret Achieng, and both their families, Moseti defended himself saying he was not in control of his senses in the heat of the moment.
“I’m begging my wife not to leave me because of what happened,” Moseti pleaded. “I want her to remain with me even in my current condition,” he added.
Sadly for Mr.Moseti, the damage was too severe to reattach his manhood.
“It was not possible for the genitals to be re-attached because he took too long to come to hospital after chopping off his manhood. The blood supply has also been cut off, which means he can no longer perform his ‘manly duties,” Catherine Muihia, the Chief Nursing Officer at Thika Level 5 Hospital,  told The Nairobian
Achieng, who has since been discharged from hospital, has ruled out any chance of reconciling with Moseti.
“Though I love him very much, there is no way I can go back to him after what he did to me and to himself. I fear he can do even worse things to me. It is the end of our marriage,” she asserted.
Additional Reporting by The Nairobian

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