“I Have Never Met That Kabura Woman” – Waiguru Declares (AUDIO)

February 17, 2016

waiguruFormer Cabinet Secretary for devolution Anne Waiguru has come out to deny allegations that she was heavily involved in the Sh791 NYS scandal.
In an affidavit filed in court on Monday, Ms Josephine Kabura Irungu, one of the people charged in connection with the corruption scandal, revealed that Ms Waiguru was at the centre of it all.
Ms Kabura said that Waiguru, under the guidance of political analyst and NYS consultant Mutahi Ngunyi, devised devious schemes to divert public attention and mislead investigative agencies, including writing a backdated letter. You can catch all the details about the affidavit HERE.
Waiguru, in an interview with Nation FM’s State of the Nation morning show, termed the allegations as ridiculous and blamed cartels for engaging in a smear campaign.
She further stated that she had never met the suspect Josephine Kabura.
“I have never met the woman ever in my life, I have never even seen her other than in the papers,” stated Ms Waiguru.
The former CS went on to discredit statements that Ms Kabura made in an affidavit that was filed in court on Monday.
“She says we met in Runda at a certain point, now at that time when she says we met in Runda I had already moved to Kitisuru.
“Two, she says we met with Harakhe and her in 2014 and some people also from the ministry. Harakhe joined the ministry in February of 2015 it was the first time I ever set my eyes on him,” said Ms Waiguru.
Here’s that audio.


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