“Humble Yourself Before Life Humbles You” – Nameless Hits Out at Octopizzo

February 2, 2016

namelessThere may be some beef brewing in the music industry pitting rapper Octopizzo against singer Nameless.
The ‘Butterfly’ hitmaker has hit out at Octopizzo for declining ‘his’ Bingwa award after winning the ‘Comeback Artist Of The Year.’ In his social media post, Octopizzo stated that the award does not make sense as he has not been away from the industry.
In declining the award, Octo suggested that the award should have been awarded to Wahu, who was nominated in the category. This seems to be the bone of contention for Nameless, who took to his Instagram page to take shots at Octo for lacking humility.
He wrote, “Haiya… wahu kagwi ebu check this guy out. He says he is too big to receive this award!He even recommended that it be given to you, !! Bro, let me give you advice….Appreciate and receive these awards that you win now, because there can come a time in your career that you dont even get noticed or nominated. But I am sure you too big to receive advice , ama? Lakini seriously, you belittle the award then you recommend it to be given to Wahu?? Tuheshimiane… humble yourself before life humbles you. “

This is not the first time in recent weeks that the two have locked horns. During a recent live debate on Larry Madowo’s The Trend, Octopizzo hit out at Nameless for abandoning MCSK and joining PRISK instead of addressing the problems at MCSK.
In all honesty, Octopizzo was right to decline the award. It simply does not make sense to award him the comeback award, when he has been in the game grinding his a$$ off.
Secondly, Wahu deserves the award and I don’t think Octo was being disrespectful when he suggested that it be given to her. We could argue that Octo should not have mentioned Wahu but, he was presumably just putting his point across; that Wahu has made a noticeable comeback and the award was better suited for her.
As for Nameless, I think he just misunderstood Octo’s post and caught unnecessary feelings.
When all’s said and done, sobriety and professionalism is clearly lacking in most Kenyan awards.

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