DRAMA! Lady Claiming to Be Impregnated By Larry Madowo Pulls Prank on Live TV…Fan’s Funny Reactions

February 15, 2016

On Friday night, Larry Madowo took The Trend to Villa Rosa Kempinski. It was all well set-up and running smoothly until a lady stormed into the room. Acting mad and ranting uncontrollably, the lady stole the attention of the audience in the room after she made it clear that Larry Madowo had impregnated and dumped her.
For close to two minutes, she managed to successfully prank Larry Madowo who stood motionless and wordless and had to ask for a commercial break before she grabbed his microphone and threw him a letter ‘from her lawyer’. To the surprise of a scared Madowo, it was prank that Nivea had planned to pull on him.
The beauty products company is planning to carry out similar pranks on popular personalities every week to check and see if they will play it cool (#PlayItCool). The incidence that happened on live TV left many of the presenter’s fans with some interesting thoughts. Below is a video of the prank and a couple of reactions from fans.

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