CHAT-FIGHT! Huddah Jumps On Vera Sidika’s Neck after Spelling Error on Instagram… But Fans to Come Her Rescue

February 4, 2016

Huddah_Monroe_Vera_SidikaI think every start of the year is always good for picking up beefs. Since 2016 started, local celebrities have been locking horns with each other over very petty issues. Just a day after Octopizzzo and Nameless squashed their days old beef, Huddah and Vera have now started their own.
As the juicy story goes, Vera Sidika made a post on her Instagram describing the poor services that Ethiopian airlines offer passengers. It read,“Ethiopian airlines is cheap, yes, but the service is bad. You fly business class and you feel like you are on economy”, then she added, “The Ethiopian airlines has dirty lounges and rude staff. You are done eating and they take ages to clear your table!
Apparently, Vera had done a spelling error on her post, that read as Eithiopian instead of Ethiopian. On seeing the fault, Huddah took the opportunity to pounce on her rivals neck and corrected her saying, “Until you can spell their names, you cannot afford to throw shade at airlines. Till you can afford a private jet, you are a peasant quit hating.”
This forced Queen Vee the Bossette to pull down the post. However, her followers did not hesitate to express their blazing hate towards miss Monroe.
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