VIDEO – Watch Chameleone’s Brilliant Saxophone Performance that Moved Maina Kageni to Tears

January 13, 2016

mainaDuring the Koroga Festival that went down at the Arboretum on Sunday January 3, 2016, something interesting and weird at the same time, happened. Popular radio presenter Maina Kageni was moved to tears by a brilliant performance by none other than Uganda’s Chameleone.
The Ugandan crooner, one of the lined up acts of the evening, surprised many when he unleashed an unbelievable saxophone performance of Whitney Houston’s ‘Always Love You.’
Maina, a close friend of the Valu Valu hitmaker was caught on camera reacting to the performance. He was clearly taken aback as he had never before seen his friend play the sax, something that moved him to tears he had to be comforted by a man, presumably a bouncer at the event.
Here’s the clip by @capitalfmkenya Instagram page.

‘When the universe conspires to get you out of the closet! lol’
And here’s the amazing Sax performance, courtesy of BigEye.Ug


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