The Legendary Playboy Mansion Put up for Sale For Sh20 Billion (PHOTOS)

January 12, 2016

hugDaily Mail – After decades of legendary parties and playmates, the Playboy Mansion is going to be up for sale.

The most famous house in Beverly Hills is set to hit the market within the next month, and it won’t be cheap.

Sources believe Playboy Enterprises plans to ask for a cool $200million for Hugh Hefner’s home, according to TMZ.

And there’s a catch – you can’t buy the six-acre Holmby Hills estate without the 89-year-old Hef, who is being allowed to live on the estate he made famous until his last dying breath.

The legendary Playboy Mansion is rumored to be hitting the market for a cool $200m within the month

Sources tell TMZ the Holmby Hills estate will only be available to buyers who agree to let Hugh Hefner live there until he dies

Prospective buyers will be allowed to tour the estate – but Hefner’s master bedroom will be off-limits

Playboy Mansion is famous for its legendary pool parties, where the dress code is lingerie and silk robes


Hefner’s bedroom is also off-limits to prospective buyers looking to tour the property.

Real estate sources value the house’s acreage at $60m, in line with a similar property recently sold in the area, but believe the mansion’s history could up the eventual selling price to $90m.

Perhaps nothing is more famous at the Playboy Mansion then the pool area, which has been the backdrop to countless celebrity-filled parties and houses the whirlpool hot tub in the infamous caved ‘grotto’.

The backyard is also the backdrop for the mansion’s annual Midsummer Night’s Dream Party, which is always held on the first Saturday of August, as well as blowouts on Halloween, New Year’s Eve and for Hef’s birthday.

In addition to it’s own parties, the Playboy Mansion is frequently rented out for movie screenings, corporate parties and charity events.

The house has also been featured in a number of music videos, television shows and movies, including Anna Faris’ The House Bunny. 

In addition to 22 rooms, a wine cellar, movie theater and several tennis courts, the Playboy Mansion, which Hefner purchased for $1m in 1971 from chessmaster and engineer Louis D. Statham, comes with a whole lot of history.

It is rumored that John Lennon once put out a cigarette on one of Hefner’s original Matisse paintings, where it still stands today, according to Thrillist.


The house has also been featured in a number of music videos, television shows and movies


The Hef with one of his most favorite Playmates, Pamela Anderson, who took the cover spot for Playboy Magazine’s last nude issue

There is also believed to be an off-limits bedroom dubbed the ‘Elvis’ room, where the legendary singer once reportedly slept with eight Playmates at one time.

But recently the headlines dedicated to the Playboy Mansion are a far cry from its most glamorous days as the place to play in the last decades of the twentieth century.

Playmate Carla Howe, 25, said the estate feels like ‘it’s stuck in the eighties’.

The British model said Hefner refuses to change anything about the mansion, leaving it looking worn-out and ‘cold and unused’, she told The Sun.

She said that the iconic Beverly Hills home is no longer a ‘place of excess with orgies and topless girls’, and instead, ‘Hef is so frail he goes everywhere with a group of nurses’.

Former playmate Izabella St James painted an even bleaker portrait of life as a Playmate in her 2010 autobiography Bunny Tales.

St James described mismatched bedrooms, filled with random pieces of furniture that made it took like ‘someone had gone to a charity shop and bought the basics for each room’.

The front lawn of the legendary mansion during the 2013 Playboy Playmate of the Year reception

The Playboy mansion features 22 bedrooms, a wine cellar, movie theater and several tennis courts

Hefner’s movie theater, where he is known to hold weekly screenings of films from his large collection

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