PHOTOS of the Female Gospel Singer Accused of Fleecing Ksh93 Million From Kitui County

January 15, 2016

In some rather hard-to-believe news, a famous Kamba female gospel singer known as Faith Kithele has been arrested after investigations found her guilty of swindling Ksh. 93 million from Kitui County government account.
Faith Kithele is said to have conducted the fraudulent cybercrime deal together with two other colleagues. The three are suspected to have ignorantly given their company’s and business account numbers through which the stolen money was channeled through.
Policemen and Cyber Crime Unit are currently working together to find the real fraudsters who helped the trio pull the heist.
As we wait for the investigations to end, below are photos of the female gospel artiste, Faith Kithele.
Faith Kithele 4
Faith Kithele 5
Faith Kithele 3
Faith Kithele 2
Faith Kithele 1

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