KDF Soldier Abdinasir Issa’s Last Facebook ‘Farewell’ Post: Left for Somalia Hoping To Return Soon

January 18, 2016

kdf7The number of KDF soldiers killed in Friday’s attack on an African Union base remains unknown. The initial figure was 63, but Al Shabaab revised that to over 100.
Our government should be first to provide accurate figures, but they are following the same ‘silence’ script from other attacks. The initial communique was actually quite strange, painting a picture of a victorious KDF.
More than 72 hours later, the official figure has not been announced. This was Chief of Defense Forces, General Mwathethe’s statement yesterday.
But away from the numbers, the KDF soldiers who died are actual people with families and loved ones. It is sad when we analyze the consequence of this war with Al Shabaab as mere statistics.
But even as we Stand with KDF, questions need to be asked – tough questions. Was it a case of intelligence failure? For Al Shabaab to carry out an attack of such magnitude, there must have been large movement of arms. There must have been several hundreds of them.
Unless we don’t have properly functioning structures, it very unlikely that word did not leak out of the militants’ camp making it known to KDF of an impending attack.
The question is probably then what was done with that intelligence.
Just the thought that we can lose tens of armed soldiers in one go, scares me when I think of the unarmed Kenyans constantly been targeted by Al Shabaab.
Meanwhile, tribute messages are flooding the Facebook page of one solder, Abdinasir Issa, who was killed in Somalia on Friday.
His last post was a farewell message to family and friends as he departed for Somalia. He hoped to return soon.
And this is the case for all the soldiers who lost their lives.
We hope there is an elaborate government program to take care of their families.

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