There is this hash-tag dubbed Selfie Tuesday KE that has made smartphone owners make good use of their front cameras. Yes, for the love of selfies, Kenyans on twitter have now been posting and sharing their pictures using the the hash-tag every Tuesday. In fact, yesterday saw all sorts of selfies flood twitter as everyone tried to outmatch the other with their creativity.
Below is a compilation of the best ones that I selected. Check them out.
SelfieTuesday 12
SelfieTuesday 13
SelfieTuesday 14
SelfieTuesday 15
SelfieTuesday 5
SelfieTuesday 9
SelfieTuesday 11
SelfieTuesday 17
SelfieTuesday 18
SelfieTuesday 1
SelfieTuesday 2
SelfieTuesday 3
SelfieTuesday 4
SelfieTuesday 6
SelfieTuesday 7
SelfieTuesday 8
SelfieTuesday 10
SelfieTuesday 19
SelfieTuesday 20