DRAMA on Thika Road As Traffic Policeman Takes Bribe then Drops it After Angry Matatu Drivers Corner Him

January 28, 2016

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There was drama on Thika road yesterday after a traffic police officer’s demand to be given an unusual amount of bribe from a matatu belonging to Nazigi SACCO failed to go as he had planned. According to the driver of the matatu, the traffic officer stopped him and upon pulling over, started demanding for a whooping Ksh. 10,000/- ‘highway fee’, a figure that he is not used to giving out.
The driver who only afforded Ksh. 2,000/-, could still not get back on the road since the officer demanded that he be given the remaining eight thousand, explaining that he had to pay school fees for his schooling kids. This act of insatiable greed from the officer only agitated the driver who beckoned his colleague route-mates to come to his rescue. And sure they did come in large numbers, causing the officer to panic at their sight, drop the two thousand he had in his hand and flee for his dear life.
The police officer is reported to have held the matatu ‘hostage’ for more than half an hour while he was still negotiating for a top up of the bribe. The driver added that the police officer only dropped the money after he lied to him that it was marked.
Well, we hope drivers start having such unity and fight the ever-rising corruption on our roads.
Additional reporting by Tuko.co.ke

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