BE WARNED! New Trick Con-men Are Using to Milk You Dry This NJAAnuary

January 18, 2016

mobile phones fraudAt a time when everyone is busy working hard trying to eke something this harsh January, some smart people have devised tricks to lure people, swindle off their hard-earned cash and get lost into the thin air.
As the story goes, con-men, mostly operating in Kasarani, now have a new technique that is robbing off monies from anyone who has lost his/her phone. The cons have posters all over the town with adverts that read, ‘WE RECOVER STOLEN MOBILE PHONES then give a cell phone contact number 0716470***.’
These misleading posters have had many people fall prey to the cons who upon calling their number tell you to send them you phones IMEI number then MPesa them money so as to activate Safaricom’s tracking technician who will trace your lost phone. Moments later, after you’ve wired them the money, they call you back, inform you that your phone has been tracked (they mention an area far away from where you live).
After breaking the good news to you, they then tell you that they are on their way to the location where the phone is. A few hours later, they make another call informing you that they are within the location where the phone was traced, then request you to send them money to fuel and pay policemen to accompany them so as to apprehend the suspect.
This, they do assuring you that all the money you send them will be repaid by the culprit once they make an arrest. The convincing and smooth-talking cons have already made way with lots of cash from gullible Kenyans so far.
So, be wary on who you call when your phone gets lost.

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