“Apologies to My Fans for Going M.I.A. This is What I’ve Been Up To” – Dumbala Hitmaker Jay A

January 11, 2016

jay-a‘Dumbala’ hitmaker Jay A has apologised to his fans for going quiet. Speaking in an interview with SDE’s Pulse, the rapper whose last release was ‘Smash’ revealed that he has been caught up shooting a television show that is set to drop soon.
Here’s what he had to say
Pulse: Where had you gone?
Jay A: I would like to apologise to the fans for going M.I.A. I got really busy shooting a series, which by the way is going to come out this month after it premieres in Nigeria first.
P: What is it about?
Jay A: The movie is called Confessor so look out for it. I got a call from the director who asked if I wanted to be part of it since he thought I fit into the character of this super spoilt brat who just blows his father’s money.
P: So is it going to be acting or music
Jay A: Both actually, but music will always come first. I have also been working on an album that was supposed to drop December last year but we pushed it to mid-2016 because I needed to make changes on a few technical things.
P: You’re quite a looker. How do you deal with groupies
Jay A: Thank you. Denis, my manager and also my best friend, deals with them before they even get to me, if you know what I mean.
P: Are you seeing anyone
Jay A: Not at the moment. I’m focusing on work right now. I look up to Tyga and he’s the best example of what relationships at the wrong time can f*** you up.
P: What don’t we know about Jay-A
Jay A: I love gaming for leisure, I even do it professionally sometimes. I once won a PlayStation2. I hate fake eye lashes; I don’t get why chics cut off what they were given only to sketch their faces. Art should only belong to the paper. I never sleep past 6am, even if I got home at 5am.
I feel naked without my studs. Also, I am super friendly; don’t let my quiet demeanour fool you.
Check out the rest of the interview HERE

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