This is What DJ Mo Said About Gospel Rivals Willy Paul and Bahati

May 7, 2015

mo1They may have recently settled their differences in the public eye but Willy Paul and Bahati remain rivals as both have been nominated for Male Artist of The Year Groove Award.
As voting for the awards continues to gather pace, top gospel disc jockey DJ Mo has chipped in with his opinion about the two.
He laid his sentiments on social media and backed them both with nothing but kind words and praise.
On Willy Paul he said:
People think just because someone talks too much he or she is not humble …Get this from me …. He is one of the most humble artist I have met ,He is always in my prayers ,Am his fan,has a good heart,He listens ,God loves him and no scandal can bring down,has sence of humour,talented and accepts when he is wrong and finally he means his words ..if you get to interact with him u will know this better…
Thank you for passing by system_unit for salamz
Today I celebrate willypaulmsafi
On Bahati:
He has grown very fast and he is humble ,He loves laughing sana ,He has a heart to help ,(on a lighter note )He loves sagging and lately ameacha ,have known for so long and he is going places am a fan and finally he loves God ….
One thing I need you to help me…he came to crossover juzi and promised I should do a song and he will sponsor the video kindly tell him am ready…I celebrate bahatikenya

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