Radio Personality Nick Odhiambo Drops Bombshell on Kisumu Ladies. Gets Roasted Badly

May 5, 2015

nickClassic FM radio presenter Nick Odhiambo found himself on the wrong side of his fans after he took a dig at Kisumu ladies.
In a Facebook post shared on Friday last week, the dreadlocked presenter likened girls from Kisumu to charcoal.
He posted: “Chilling in club signature kisumu, na si wasichana hapa ni weusi, hii ni club ama duka ya makaa!”

Chilling in club signature kisumu, na si wasichana hapa ni weusi, hii ni club ama duka ya makaa!
Posted by Nick Odhiambo on Friday, May 1, 2015

As hilarious as his swipe was, his followers were having none of it. They hit back in their hundreds with comments that will make Nick think twice the next time he attempts such a swipe.
Here are some sampled reactions:
Sally Were Has he looked in the mirror lately? he looks like a gorilla on heat with that huge gapping mouth and dirty looking hair pwahahaha
Steven Wang’ombe Pwahahaa!! Kweli nyani haoni kundule
Bobby Bobants Don’t blame Nick odhiambo but the environment in which he works in. Maybe he’s gay that’s why he is competing with Kisumu women for attention. Kufanya kazi na maina kageni si rahisi.
Abi Maq guok madhako…umejiona wewe?? Nick Odhiambo
Elsie Aluoch Wife batterer!! Why do you even look at the girls in ksm yet you are married!! Sudhe
Christine Akinyi Ogada Mmmmh… I bet you looked in the mirror and saw a definition of handsome scarecrow. Who moved you from your place of duty? Now the birds will destroy my year’s harvest. A scarecrow belongs to the shamba and not club, Iwinjo?
Achie Marie A person who looks like this has no place insulting others on their looks.
Grace Mutie i just want to remind u tht u are a public figure, mind ua language, its pathetic
Ruby Rubi Your such an ugly m*therf*ck*r those words shouldn’t be coming outta ua mind imbecile was Thea also n all I could c is beauty
Millie Okeyo Wewe unakaa aje? Onger
Brian Mwala Sadly the ladies trash talking this guy are doing so in dholuo. So they are not just makaas, but also illiterate.
Gift Nyamangla Wango The saddest part is that you come from the same tribe that has dark people like me. Ukiendaga family reunions unaulizanga hiyo swali? Classic self-hate that was planted over 100 years ago and is perpetuated by current media depictions of beauty because 90% of Kenyans fall under the dark range of spectrum. So guess who’s having the last laugh? Certainly not all dark-skinned black morons who are LOLing to his comment here. Pala serious therapy needed for some people to get over their insecurities…
Judith Atieno I hate you with passion. Mdomo baggy. CHIETHA.
NyarJaduong Okwanyo Is your family reunion attended by your white family or the charcoals like you?
Irene Akinyi Odhiambo …mscheeew…am black and beautiful……..and did i just see ile mdomo ilimeza JONNAH !!!
Kenneth Ogallo Nick being a small time radio comedian doesn’t give you the ticket to abuse people’s daughters. Did you go to Signature to look at women? This is so classless coming from you. I pity the women who hang around you!
Susan Oduor He was trying to impress his inlaws from the mountain, if u look at the people who liked the level of his IQ are mostly from the mountain. This man is a walking dick without a sheath
Baba Mabel Hate speech, can you even create asingle hair. Boss!!!. Wacha matusi, or ur bitter wamekukataa coz sura yako imekubetray.
Whitney Soleil How about we talk about your body size u ignorant thing
Juma Maxwell #NickOdhiambo You are henceforth barred from attending Oscar awards,Gor Mahia Matches,Ramogi night,Obama homecoming e.t.c Ibiroyie NI Jaluo Oksechi Mand Oyuech

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