Pierra Makena Mourns Her Father’s Passing

May 6, 2015

pierra2It is often said that the hardest part about losing someone is not actually losing them but learning to live without them.
Top female disc jockey, Pierra Makena yesterday mourned the passing of her father in a touching post on social media. Through Instagram, the beauty lamented about how dark the day of her dad’s passing remains.
Her dad passed on on the 5th of May 2006 and the most painful thing about his death according to Pierra, is that he never got to see how well she has blossomed.
She posted: “5th of May 06 remains to be a very dark day in my life…a day i hate to remember…but ill never forget…it feels like yesterday… only one can understand the pain of losing a father..esp when he is not there to watch you bloom the way he wanted….i hope he is happy and watching my progress.”

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