Lads! Here’s Why You Should Not Let Your Girl See This PHOTO of Sauti Sol’s Savara

May 7, 2015

savara1Kenyan ladies have been left drooling and their dry mouth syndrome well treated by Sauti Sol’s Savara Mudigi. It is no longer a secret that the members of the top band are ripped but months after they terrorised our ladies in the video ‘Nishike,’ they are still leaving them feeling helpless and quite ‘thirsty.’
Savara Mudigi took to the gram yesterday to show off the results of his hard work at the gym. With a towel wrapped around his waist and a canopy bed behind him in the beautiful island of Zanzibar, the ladies’ imagination went wild.
Check it out:
We sampled some of the comments and this is exactly why you should keep your girl from seeing this photo lads..
~gimme a reason for not dating him sexy AS
~yuuuuuuummm!! #drool
~Waah! wacha kuniumiza roho
~That chest
~very nice, I like I want
~he’s beautiful
~That mosquito net looks like it will cover that bed well
~Yes laaawd!!!
~u be killing me nanimefast jamani.hehe
~Uuuiii Damn
~now this is wat am talking abt
~Waah that body yummy

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