‘I won’t talk to her this week’… This is Why DJ Mo is Angry With Size 8

May 12, 2015

Celebrated mix-master Dj Mo has surprised many of his social media fans after the System Unit’s deejay posted that he would not be talking to his wife Size 8 for a week. DJ Mo explained that he got back home to pick up something, only to find his wife wearing his snap back , t-shirt and shades.
The Dj said that he was going to punish his wife by avoiding to talk to her for a week. Below is what Mo posted on his social media regarding the incidence.
‘Now I get back home to pick up something and gets her wearing my snap back ,tshirt and shades….advice on what I should do to her…I have told her not to more than enough times…
I won’t talk to her this week …..’
Dj Mo, Size 8

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