Hilarious Tweets and Memes After Bluemoon Festival Flopped

May 4, 2015

blueI’ve always feltย this sadness for Bluemoon vodka. It was a really well thought-out name, but the content is nothing to write about. Among the low to mid priced Vodkas, it is down the pyramid.
That notwithstanding, it is a good seller especially among campus students.
Last week I was somewhat surprised that there was a planned Bluemoon Festival; a concert at Impala Grounds on Saturday night. Nigerian singer Yemi Alade was to headline, with P-Unit and Kansoul also performing.
The organizers did adequate marketing on all media, and everything was set to go well. However, reports have it that it flopped. People just refused to attend despite the fact thatย it was end month.
Is it because Yemi Alade is no longer as big as she was during ‘Johnny’s’ peak?
Was it the venue?
Was it the ticket price?
Was it the timing?
Well, organizers will be looking for answers, but perhaps the explanation is simple; people do not love Bluemoon enough to want to be associated with it.
Check out some of these tweets.





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