HILARIOUS! Eric Omondi Gets Nabbed By Alcoblow Police – VIDEO

May 11, 2015

Eric Omondi, alcoblow
I don’t know whether it was one of his crazy stunts. I also don’t know whether he was drunk or not, but comedian Eric Omondi just had himself ‘cornered’ by some alcoblow police officers over the weekend after the entertainer appeared to be drunk-driving.
Despite the fact that our local police officers are known to be very harsh, strict and ruthless while handling drunkards, Eric was busy laughing off with a female officer who did not even mind to check how high the funny lad was.
Here is the funny clip of the incidence.

So yesterday I was stopped and forced to take the alcoblow test because apparently I looked drunk

A video posted by Eric Omondi (@ericomondi) on

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