Here is That PHOTO of MC Jessy When He Used To Drive Girls Wild in Meru

May 11, 2015

He is now one of the most popular comedians in the country. Hailing from Meru, MC Jessy rose the ranks to become the host of ‘Churchill Raw.’
His progress and success is evident in the suits he wears and the ever growing pot belly. He is also quite the ladies man, something that has always been part of him since his Meru days.
He may not have dressed in expensive suits back then but he still found ways of making the girls go wild…as a ‘Hommie.’
He shared a photo with the caption: “Nimekua “Mborn Tao” Tangu enzi zile…Meru Mzima Huyu Ndiye alikua Komesha…!!!Sauti Soul walitoa inspiration ya Muscles hapa…!!!Tell me Kama Nkirote hangeingia Box ya Huyu Hommie..?”
mc jessy
Jessy now:

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