Find Out Why Boniface Mwangi Thinks Mutahi Ngunyi is a ‘Highly Paid Troll’

May 8, 2015

mutahi-ngunyiThe country’s favorite political analyst, Mutahi Ngunyi was on the receiving end of some bashing from Boniface Mwangi.
According to the popular activist, Mutahi Ngunyi is a highly paid troll. He made his sentiments known through twitter alleging that the political activist gets paid by the Jubilee government for his tweets.
Boniface, who recently hosted U.S secretary of State John Kerry at Pawa254 hub, was reacting to this tweet by Mutahi Ngunyi:

This was Boniface’s reaction, that seemed to backfire on him as twitter users asked him to practice what he preaches and respect Mutahi’s freedom of opinion.  

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