Elani Turn To Gospel In New Single ‘Nimwabudu’ (VIDEO)

May 12, 2015

elaniUrban Afro-pop band, Elani have turned to gospel in their latest release dubbed ‘Nimwabudu.’
The new single is by upcoming gospel singer Chikwaza, a singer the band met at Daystar University. Having been blown away by his drive and talent, Elani took it up to themselves to help.
They narrated how the single came to be saying:
“We met Chikwaza at Daystar University when he performed a few of his songs for us during a talk we gave at the school. We were blown away by his talent, his commitment to his craft and above all his love for God.
We knew we wanted to see him grow and prosper in his musical journey. His story only solidified our resolve.
Chikwaza means Warrior. And he has truly fought through thick and thin to get to this point. It is our honour to introduce him to you! We hope you are as blessed when you hear him as we were.”
Check out ‘Nimwabudu’ below:

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