The Painful Text Janet Akinyi Wrote Her Boyfriend Before Her Death at Garissa University

April 7, 2015

janetVia @buzzmoja

The survival stories from Garissa University College are horrifying. One girl hid in a wardrobe for more than 48 hours, drinking lotion to remain alive.
Not even KDFs assurances that the terrorists were defeated could make her get out, and it took the intervention of her lecturer. We’ve also heard of students who jumped over fences getting deep cuts in the process.
However, the sad stories are also many. One male student has not been found since returning to rescue his girlfriend. He had already escaped to safety but he returned inside to help the love of his life.
Another girl, Janet Akinyi (picture above), wrote this painful SMS to her boyfriend a few minutes before she met her demise.
This is extremely sad.
May God rest her soul in peace.

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