‘Screw up of the Century’… Star Newspaper Apologizes for Mixing up Terrorist Pictures

April 8, 2015

The Star newspaper is no stranger to screw ups, but this will have to go down as their screw up of the decade.
On their Monday paper, they carried a story about the lawyer turned terrorist Mohammed Abdirahim, but instead of publishing the right picture, they used that of a totally unrelated, and most probably innocent guy by the name Mohammed Abdirahman.
All this happened on the front page.
Being linked to terrorism is bad enough, but when a national newspaper splashes your photo on their front page, your reputation can never recover.
The Star newspaper put up a small apology and correction on an inner page of their Tuesday paper, but I’d be surprised if the guy does not go after their cheque books.
Well, they say smart people read the star, but as the saying goes, stupid people write it.

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