Meet Jalang’o’s Lovely Grown Up Daughter

April 9, 2015

Mr. Felix Oduor commonly known as Mzee Jalang’o, is one of the most prolific comedians cum entertainers that we locally boast of. Well, apart from his job of cracking rib-tickling jokes, the Radio Maisha presenter is also a husband to Cheptoek Boyo and father to one cute girl named Sally.
Despite being the busy man that he has of late become, Jalang’o has managed to create and spend time with his lovely little girl Sally, who is gradually growing up into a beautiful lass.
On his instagram, the Jalang’o With The Money show host, shared a recent selfie he took with his daughter when they were busy watching cartoon. Below, is the beautiful picture he posted.
Jalang'o and daughter Sally

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