Meet Ali Kiba’s Wife and Firstborn Son Kiba Junior – PHOTOS

April 30, 2015

Since the time he released cinderella, Ali Kiba has for days on end dominated the star-studded Bongo music scene before the emergence of the likes of Diamond Platnumz. The veteran singer is apart from being great song-writer and performer, a family guy with a lovely wife and two adorable kids.
From his social media updates, here a few photos of him chilling with his wife and firstborn son in the company of a friend.
Ali Kiba's family 1
Ali Kiba's family 2
Below are more photos of Kiba Junior, the young firstborn lad who completely resembles Ali his daddy.
Kiba Junior 1
Kiba Junior 4
Kiba Junior 5
Kiba Junior 3
Kiba Junior 2

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