Kiambu Man Left by Fianceé After Losing Sh50,000 on a Sportpesa Bet

April 21, 2015

felBetting can sometimes be a very addictive habit that can make one go to the extent of gambling away all what they have in a bid to see if they will fortunately be able to recover their money and get more from an exercise that is all based on mere luck.
Speaking of football match bets, a guy in Kahawa Wendani has been left in the cold by his fiancee after a bet he had gotten himself into failed to go as he had wished. The man named Fredrick Savwa is reported to have gambled a whooping Ksh. 50,000/- on the popular betting site Sportpesa.
Brigitte Wanjira, the fiancee, angrily spewed out insults on the unlucky man as she blamed him of irresponsibility and failing to consult her when he decided to use their wedding money. Spilling the beans further, Ms Wanjira revealed that his man had just last month gambled away their house rent, an act which forced them to squeeze their tight budget to pay up the house they live in.
Defending his sorry act, Savwa argued that the chances of him winning the bet were high and he added that he was going to return the cash with an interest. Their wedding that was scheduled to take place on May 23rd this year has been suspended after the irked lady is reportedly said to have traveled back to her home.
Via Nairobi news

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