“If you have a problem with how I dress… peleka uzee mbali…” Sonko’s Daughter Hits Out at Haters

April 13, 2015

Cianca Salma MbuviMike Sonko’s daughter Cianca Salma Mbuvi, seems to have had enough of her haters. The lass unapologetically hit out on those who feel offended by what she posts, her language and what she wears with a verbal lash she posted on her social media.
The whole incidence was ignited after one of miss Salma’s photo she had uploaded wearing a sexy bikini got negative comments from people who felt that she had showed too much skin. Irked by the feedback she got, the Nairobi Senator’s daughter had this to put out in black and white.
“Some people hate you for a reason Some people love you for a reason Yet am still me and you remain to be you
If you have a problem with how i dress..what i post…my language tafadhali peleka uzee mbali na mimi i have no time for haters if your bitch doesn’t wear bikini thats not my problem am not your wife or your mother or even your child to tell what i can wear or what is good for me to post this is my page i can post what i want and what i feel like if you dont like it unfollow please i dont have time for stupidty nkt.”

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