HILARIOUS! Eric Omondi Wears ‘Ghost Make-up’…Gets a Scary, Ugly Look – PHOTOS and VIDEO

April 23, 2015

Eric Omondi ghost 5
Of late, through his social media, Eric Omondi has been pulling some of the craziest stunts we have never seen him do before. On Tuesday, for reasons best to himself, the entertainer decided to wear ladies’ make-up, an act that gave him one of the funniest scary and ugly looks ever. In fact, the make-up Eric wore on his face made him look like a ghost.
Below are photos of the funny outcome of Eric after the ‘extreme makeover.’
Eric Omondi ghost 1
Eric Omondi ghost 2
Eric Omondi ghost 3
Eric Omondi ghost 4
Eric Omondi ghost 5
Below is a short video clip of him mimicking how ladies behave after putting on make up.

Oooh my Gosh…

A video posted by Eric Omondi (@ericomondi) on

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