Full Text: Heshan de Silva Denies He’s a ‘Catfish’… Here are Some Reactions from Kenyans

April 2, 2015

deThe internet can finish you politically and ‘billionaire’ Heshan de Silva will attest to that. What started with a Press Statement from PR firm Glass House PR and a blog post on Nairobi Wire has forced the 26 year old to early social media retirement.
In a Twitter post yesterday, Hesh announced that he has quit all social media and that he’ll no longer do any media interviews. He promises to disappear from our lives completely.
If you missed our post yesterday, here’s the press release from Glass House PR announcing they have dumped him.
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I expected Hesh to counter the allegations with proof of his investments, but the road he took point to only one direction; he doesn’t have ‘de silver’. See what I did there..
The few times I’ve heard him talk, it’s obvious he’s a good public speaker, but I’ve never heard him go into specifics, like how a particular company he funded is doing.
I must point out that he always sounds like a really cool guy.
He may not have been a billionaire when he started all this, but he sure as hell is a millionaire now.
His monthly #Heshtalks events are always full, and entrance is Sh1000.
Heshan has made the right decision keeping off Twitter, because the roast currently going down is bad.
Here are some tweets.




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