Comedian MC Jessy Introduces His High School Sweetheart, Nkirote (PHOTO)

April 13, 2015

For most people, high school sweethearts are never forgotten. It is usually the time when guys meet their first ‘loves’ thanks to raging teenage hormones.
Popular Churchill Raw comedian, Jasper Muthomi aka Jessy Jessy has introduced his first love, Nkirote, to the online community. The lad who has been described as the funniest Meru in the country, posted a photo from his high school days which shows him in a loving embrace with Nkirote.
He captioned the photo:
“#TBT Okey… I had Vowed Not to Let my People Know about Her…Here is Me and My Highschool Crush and first Love Nkirote… Mnatuona Aje hapo..?”
Considering how far he has come we can only conclude that the grace of God has been quite sufficient in his life.

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