Avril’s Message To Internet Bullies Who Labelled Her Ugly

April 17, 2015

Months after internet bullies trolled her, Avril is well on her way to having the last laugh.
The sassy singer shocked many when she posted a photo on social media showing her acne infected face. Four months later, the ‘Nikimuona’ singer has a message for those who made her skin condition a laughing matter.
Posting a photo on social message, Avril said she has been making progress and in not time her face will be as flawless as we first though it was.
She captioned the photo of her progress:
“They laughed at me about 4 months ago. Ridiculed me to a point i didn’t even understand what for. Made memes and called me ugly. But guess what, my acne scars are slowly fading away! My forehead doesn’t have even one pimple yet that was the heaviest affected bit on my face. No condition is permanent. Always remember that. Thank you Oriflame for helping me understand my skin. Give me another 4 months and my skin will be completely healed #TruePerfection #NoMakeUpSelfie #IAmBeautifulAndIKnowIt #BreathInBreathOut #LetTheTrollingBegin #TryJuicingItReallyHelps”
This is what she looked like 15 weeks ago:

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