VIDEO – Davido Angers Kenyans with His Arrogance on ‘The Trend’

March 30, 2015

larryEveryone was looking forward to Davido’s concert on Saturday. He passed by The Trend on Friday night, and it was expected he would give a sneak preview of what to expect.
The Nigerian artist first called on newsachors Victoria Rubadiri and Yvonne Maingi. His voice was hoarse and I somehow understood when he ignored Yvonne’s request to ‘sing something’.
However, it is his actions when being interviewed by Larry later that showed just how over himself the guy is. He presented himself like a man who thought he was God’s gift to humanity, or as one Twitter commenter wrote, a direct descendant of King David.
Short and proud answers and his refusal to dance ‘Skelewu’ were just the highlights of his night.
When asked by Larry whether East African music receives airplay in Nigeria, Davido gave a brutally honest NO. He even admitted that this collabo with Diamond ‘Number One’ is not played in Nigeria. As true as it may be, that came out badly from a guy who was about to perform in Kenya.
Throughout the show, it was as if he was fulfilling some contractual obligations, and did not at any one point seem happy to be doing the interview. I would have expected Larry to be a little hard hitting, but perhaps he too was taken aback. The final blow came when he left the interview ‘like a toilet’ as one Gladys Nyambura wrote on Facebook.
Truthfully, I felt like walking down Kimathi Street to tell him there can only be one Kanye West.
With his behavior on The Trend, it was no surprise that he went ahead and fucked up his show on Saturday.
Here’s the video and some reactions from Twitter and Facebook thereafter.


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