Shocker: How Much it Costs To Pimp Those Kenyatta University ‘Sweet Heaven’ Buses

March 17, 2015

Those of us who live along Thika Road are probably aware of the Sweet Heaven buses, especially those who live around Kahawa and KU areas. They’ve literally kicked the 14 seater matatu out of business, and it’s clear why they are a favourite.
With their main target being Kenyatta University students, the ‘Sweet Heaven’ buses spare no cent in souping up their look. Loud music, glowing led lights, very cosy seats and impressive graffiti only start to describe the 33 seater buses.
Speaking to Standard last week, fleet manager Kevin Munga revealed the amount it requires to bring one on the road.
“It is a tricky business, but it’s worth the investment. There is what we call ‘standard make up,’ which costs  about Sh3.7 million, and extras, which include gravity, tinted glasses, interior and music, which costs an extra Sh1.7 million.” he said.
Sh5.4 million is even more than you would expect to pay for the actual bus. Using that amount to further sex it up is just insane, and all for what? “Our passengers are mostly students, and we charge between Sh70 and 100.” he added.
The matatu business is obviously not for everyone.
Check some of them out.

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