PHOTOS of Diamond Platnumz’ New Mansion With Gold Plated Bathroom

March 24, 2015

When you are a hitmaker like Diamond Platnumz, you are ought to get paid big. And with the big pay cheques comes extravagance and opulence.
The Bongo star’s guilty pleasure is buying houses and he has taken his love for houses to a whole new level. Diamond has invested his hard earned cash on a luxurious mansion he refers to as ‘State House.
The ‘State House’ is also his 10th house. Yes, you read that right..10th house. Lanes!
The mansion located in Dar es Salaam has been under construction for over an year.
Through social media, the hitmaker has been showing off the multi million shillings crib.
“…. The Making of the State House!!!! My 10th House!..By the way Don’t get twisted, das jus a Pool area #Gym #Jaccuzi #Counter #DancingHall #Studio#DartsCourt #BasketballCourt Etc…..” He posted.
diamond1The crib also has a ‘fireplace’
The kitchen’s crisp and clean finish
When you are a star, you live like a star. Check out the custom made gypsum ceiling above his bed.
Last but not least is this Kshs 3.5 Million gold plated bathroom. He posted: “In my 70Million Pure Gold plated toilet…pupping and Movies Lol!..i can’t wait to play dirty game with her tonight IN THE MAKING OF STATE HOUSE!!!.. I cant wait for the State house to Be Done! Done!”

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