“Nigerian Music is Good and People Should Stop Complaining” – Jua Cali

March 16, 2015

juaGenge veteran Jua Cali has finally broken his silence on the beef some Kenyan artists have with Nigerian music.
The ‘Karibu Nairobi’ hitmaker is of the view that there is nothing wrong with Nigerian music getting massive airplay. Jua Cali is the first Kenyan artist to take such a stance publicly and has challenged local artists to up their game.
“We danced to lingala when we were young. We enjoyed rhumba and ragga back then. The Kenyan entertainment scene is diverse and we have always moved with what works at a given time. That is common-sense guys. What is all this buzz about? Get real,” Jua Cali said.
“Nigerian music is good and very danceable. People should stop complaining and dance to good music. Local artistes need to work hard regardless of what is currently popular. Besides, if your music is good, fans will embrace it,” he added.
Straight up real talk.

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