Leaked Letter: Kenya Airways Fires Worker and Demotes Another for Blocking Babu Owino from Kisumu Flight

March 23, 2015

babuUniversity of Nairobi student leader Babu Owino is quickly learning from Kenyan politicians. Last week, he shamed his rival on live TV by reading out his academic transcript.
He argued that since his rival is an academic dwarf and idle mind capable of only getting Ds and Es, he has all the time in the world to cause election violence.
Babu’s latest piece of propaganda is an obviously fake letter supposedly from Kenya Airways. The letter, dated 20th March, recounts an episode where Babu was apparently blocked from boarding a KQ flight to Kisumu.
The Public Relations Officer offers his sincere apologies, and assures Babu that appropriate action has been taken. This includes firing one member of staff and ‘redeploying’ the other to the toilets for the position of ‘assistant cleaner’.
Well, until the last part, the letter was quite believable.
KQ also ‘wishes him overwhelming victory in the upcoming elections’.
Propaganda at its finest. Here’s the letter by Babu or his pack.

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